Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not all Sabres fans hate Ovechkin

A Buffalo-transplant in D.C. went on the Hockey's Future Boards (extremely popular hockey message boards) and posted a personal story about an encounter with Mr. Ovechkin after Monday night's Caps-Sabres tilt at Verizon Center. If you didn't have enough reasons to like #8 already, here's another:

Thank you Ovechkin...from a Sabres fan.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sean Taylor's Tragic Death & The Media Coverage

I was going to come here and post something about how tired I am of reading columns and hearing sports talk commentary referring to Sean Taylor's "thuggish," "ghetto" past, and how I think it's pretty absurd for people who didn't really know him at all to make those kinds of assumptions, then connect that past to this incident and almost go as far to say he had it coming. As if to imply the end result is less tragic because of what the victim did long before this incident, and even less so if you're willing to assume he did anything to contribute to the circumstances leading up to it (which, obviously, plenty of people are).

But then my fellow DC Sports Box writer Anthony Amobi wrote a very good column on the subject so I figured I'd just link to his piece instead:

Sean Taylor's Tragic Death & The Media Coverage

Check it out. It's definitely worth a read.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ref in NC State - Maryland game: My hero

If you're a Terps fan, you sure enjoyed a hell of a game on Saturday afternoon. You also probably thought, "damn if they played like that against UVA/UNC/Wake they'd be 9-3," but that's another issue.

But if you were only half paying attention or had long since changed the channel to a competitive football game when the Terps were up 37-0, you may have missed the best penalty of all time. Listen for the ref's call:

That's right. 15 yards for "giving him the business."