Thursday, May 15, 2008

Orioles Magic

This video is simply fantastic.

I think my favorite part is in the lower right hand of the screen 1:06 into the video...

As far as I can tell, the six O's in the video are Jeremy Guthrie, Kevin Millar, Adam Loewen, Adam Jones, George Sherrill and Dennis Sarfate.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Fire Marv Albert. Again.

What a complete moron.

Watch this: (Thanks I Probably Hate Your Team.)

Here's the highlights from Marv Albert's idiotic rant:
"And SOGNAILA ... throws a PUNCH ... at James, and he's GONE!"

Really Marv? He didn't even get tossed. Why not? Because it wasn't that bad.

The teams talk trash as teams in heated playoff series do. Reggie Miller describes the play fairly rationally, and then Marv pipes up again.

"And he was NOT ejected. (Replay cues up again.) Now that's a punch. That's an automatic ejection. I don't get that."

To which Reggie says, "I'm not necessarily saying it's a punch..."

Thanks Reggie. It's "not necessarily" a punch in that it wasn't a punch at all. It was the lightest slap in the history of the world, and to anyone watching with Marv turned off (there's a lot of jokes in there, I'm sure), I guarantee it doesn't look nearly as bad as Marv makes it out to be.

The fact that Songaila sits tonight is embarrassing for the NBA, and I honestly think no small part of it has to do with Marv going insane and calling for Songaila to be tossed.