Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've moved to Redskins country

And just by putting Redskins in the post title I've tripled my search engine hits.

That's right, after two years in the football limbo known as Columbia, where you might see a Washington Redskins bumper sticker next to a Columbia Ravens youth football logo and where the Champs in the mall proudly hangs Portis jerseys right next to McNair jerseys, I've moved to "North Bethesda" (shhhhhRockvilleshhhhh) -- decidedly Redskins country.

I've come to terms with that. My only real beef with the 'Skins -- besides the blatantly racist team name -- is that in the past I had to deal with several super annoying 'Skins apologists quite often.

Now the only 'Skins fans I regularly deal with are fairly subdued and prefer hockey to football, so if the Redskins ever do come up I can quickly redirect the conversation by kvetching about the Capitals power play or Glen Hanlon's line combinations.

I may even root for the Skins a little bit, but only in the reserved way I semi-root for the Nationals. You probably know this feeling: "It'd be nice if not ALL the area teams sucked horribly, so go team! ... just as long as you're not better than my actual favorite team."

So on that note, I'm off to hop on my newly-adopted Red Line to the Verizon Center.

I'll miss you Green Line. The Metro ride just won't feel right as I'm going by the Zoo and Dupont Circle instead of PG Plaza and West Hyattsville... :*(


Christopher Blunck said...

Hahaha. Green Line country is still my land. But I've grown up in College Park and bought a house here about 6 years ago. So I'm probably not moving anytime soon...

None-the-less, I imagine if I moved to your neck of the woods I would miss the Fort Totten transfer. Nah who am I kidding... I wouldn't!

homertuck said...

Hahahahahahaha....The ghetto Green to the Rich Red...I too did the same thing, once metroing from College Park to Farragut North, I now go Rockville to Farragut North. Earlier this week, I did have to relive my days of yore and take the Green line...what happened? A crazy guy on the train starts yelling about how everyone on the train is out to get him and starts randomly yelling at people. 2 stops and a police office later, the situation is resolved. Oh how I miss you Green line. Your crazy riders are mitigated by the fact that you're normally on time. Unlike your red line cousin who is always delayed but lacks the crazy riders of the green.

p.s. - Redskins suck

Abram said...

Wooooooooo Redskins!

The best part about the Green Line is it goes right into the heart of DC and you can hop on and take a nap straight until you end up at Greenbelt.