Monday, February 02, 2009

Do Caps fans need to lighten up?

I just finished watching this video, as posted on Tarik El-Bashir's Capitals Insider blog on Washington Post:

And, naturally, it was followed by about three dozen comments from pissed off Capitals fans saying that Mike Wise is a jackhole and if he's going to be the one giving D.C.'s best team a spotlight, no thanks, we're happy over here in the dark.

Are people really taking this literally? Are we just so out of our element to have a Caps team legitimately contending that we can't let it happen without having something to bitch about? Clearly it's a spoof piece. The Caps are finally getting decent coverage in the Post and he's picking at something that we've whined about for years. That's funny. At least a few of the commenters got it.

So lighten up. Watch the video, have a good laugh, and enjoy that the Caps are finally deserving of some extra coverage.

By the way, I'm not fixing that.

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