Thursday, October 20, 2005

MLB News: Orioles hire Jim Duquette to assist Flanagan

And then, just to make sure O's fans don't get too excited in any one day, the O's drop this bomb on us.

The Sun is reporting that the Orioles have named former-Mets General Manager Jim Duquette vice president of baseball operations.

From The Sun:
"Duquette will assist Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations Mike Flanagan in the day-to-day operations of the department, including contract negotiations, assisting in salary arbitration and player personnel decisions at the major league level."

Flanny's quote in The Sun:
"Jim brings a wealth of experience in the daily operation of a Major League Baseball team, from bottom to top," Flanagan said. "He has been involved in every aspect of the baseball front office from scouting and the minors to contract negotiations and running a department. We're thrilled that he sees the direction in which we are going and wants to be a part of it."

I know I'm psyched... OK, no I'm not. This guy is not exciting. He traded one of the top lefty pitching prospects in the game (Scott Kazmir) to Tampa Bay for Victor Zambrano, who can't throw strikes to save his life. I'm not sure exactly what his capacity is, but it seems like he will be Mike Flanagan to Mike Flanagan's Jim Beattie...if that makes sense (he'll be taking on the same role as Flanagan had last year). I guess that means we're back to the two-headed GM system, which so far has not exactly passed with flying colors.

I guess I'll reserve judgment for when the free agent signings start, but I'm not optimistic at the moment.

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