Wednesday, November 02, 2005

MLB Not So Fun: Matt Lawton tested positive for steroids.

ESPN link.

The news came out about a week ago that a starting outfielder on a playoff team tested positive for steroids, which meant it was time for the speculation game. Fortunately for us Yankee-haters, it was a Yankee. Unfortunately, it was a rent-a-player who didn't do anything good in his stint there.

Well, hopefully that settles any argument about whether or not the O's should sign him. That doesn't have a whole lot of effect on what I said the Orioles should do earlier, just solidifies my "go for Reggie Sanders" case.

I can only imagine that this will destroy Lawton's free agent value. He was figuring to make about $5 million a year, probably on a one-year deal somewhere. Who knows where that number will be now.

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