Thursday, November 03, 2005

Notice: Registration now required to comment.

I have decided to require a registration with Blogger to comment, because I have been inundated with spam comments and I spent the last 20 minutes deleting them from recent posts. I know this won't get rid of all of them, because there are some spamming bastards who are registered with Blogger, but that's only been maybe 10 percent of the spam. So, from now on if you see that there are comments, they may be worth reading!

This also coincides with my efforts to create game preview posts instead of game review posts. You all watch the games, otherwise you wouldn't be coming here. So I figured I wasn't really doing anyone any service by saying what had already happened. Now I'm focusing on the previews, such as my Wizards season-opener preview that will allow me to do things like live-blog the games and allow you guys to comment as the game goes on. Also, it will allow me to post my post-game thoughts in the comments section as opposed to in a new post. Hence the need for spam-less comment sections.

Here's hoping this goes well. I am also working on changing the background to make it a little more personalized than the standard Blogger template I've got up now.

1 comment:

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