Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Best Television Commercial of ALL TIME

Like anyone can even know that, Napoleon.

My friend Abram IMed me today with this gem of an advertisement for the NHL on NBC featuring Washington's own Alex Ovechkin and about half a dozen other NHL stars. (I wouldn't have pointed out that Abram sent it to me but he demanded that I give him credit.)

For anyone who's been on a hockey road trip -- or even lived in a college dorm -- this should bring back some pretty great memories:

The only thing missing is in the knee hockey part. Where's the one jackass with the sawed off street hockey stick instead of the little plastic souvenir thing that all the normal kids used?

(YES, your eight inch blade with a boomerang curve DOES give you a significant advantage over my inch-and-a-half wide cheap plastic stick. And is there some requirement that every rink hosting a tournament has to sell those plastic souvenir sticks with logos from random teams like the San Jose Sharks, even if located on the east coast nowhere near San Jose, inevitably leaving everyone in the hotel playing knee hockey with San Jose Sharks sticks by the third day of the tournament because they've all broken the sticks they brought with them by then?)


Abram said...

I'm famous!

Ami said...


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