Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Your 12 Over 5 Special: Long Beach State!

That's right. I'm calling it. Tennessee beware.

Every other 12 seed has been tapped repeatedly as a potential upset team. Old Dominion over Butler. Illinois over Virginia Tech. Arkansas over USC.

But where's the love for Long Beach?

It's easy to take the trendy picks, but what about a team that hasn't beaten anyone even remotely decent and hasn't been in the tournament in 12 years? LONG BEACH!

The 49ers (that's Long Beach State) start five seniors and are led by Big West player of the year Aaron Nixon, who also took home Big West tournament MVP honors.

Hmmm ... good guard play ... senior leadership. Remind you of a certain local team that made a long and completely unexpected run last year?

So that's my "if this doesn't happen no one will remember and I'll never speak of it again but if it does I will gloat about it for the next 10 years every time I pick some crap 12 seed to beat a 5 seed" pick.

I just had to get this on record somewhere by Thursday so I could prove that I predicted it ... because I didn't have the mahhhhh-bles to actually pick them on my bracket.

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