Friday, August 29, 2008

Revisiting the Nats' Quest to Avoid 100 Losses

Just three days ago I completely wrote off the Nationals' chances of avoiding 100 losses and even declared that they might skid to the finish and drop 110+.

But coming off a sweep of the fading Dodgers, the Nats need just to go 14-14 over the remaining 28 games to finish a triumphant 63-99. Granted, their winning percentage on the year is .366, so to go .500 for a month might be asking a lot.

Let's look at the remaining schedule:

Seven games vs. 59-75 Atlanta
Six vs. 73-61 Philly
Six vs. the 74-60 Mets
Six vs. 68-66 Florida
Three vs. 51-82 San Diego

The 18 games against winning ball clubs don't bode well, but if they can own the Braves and Padres and split with the Marlins, they could still get to magical win number 63.

Countdowns to make you forget about how bad your baseball team is:

1 day until Maryland Football Season Opener (vs. Delaware)
6 days until Redskins Season Opener (@ NY Giants)
9 days until Ravens Season Opener (vs. Cincinnati)*
42 days until Capitals Season Opener (@ Atlanta)
61 days until Wizards Season Opener (vs. New Jersey)
77 days until Maryland Basketball Opener (vs. Bucknell)

*If you're using this to make you feel better about your horrible baseball team, you have issues.

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