Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kyle Boller out for the year

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Kyle Boller will miss the entire 2008 season with a shoulder injury.

Boller's contract is up at the end of the year so this may spell the end of the "Boller Era" -- if you can call it that -- in Baltimore.

With Troy Smith still battling infected tonsils and the only other option being just-signed 36-year-old journey man Todd Bouman, it looks like rookie Joe Flacco's going to get the same "instant starter" treatment that Boller got in 2003. And here's hoping Flacco and his incredible unibrow can put together better numbers than Boller did in his rookie year...

In 11 games in 2003, "Jesus in Cleats" compiled a whopping 62.4 Quarterback Rating while completing 51.8 percent of his passes, averaging 114.5 yards per game, totaling seven TD passes and nine picks.

But here's why I have more faith in Flacco, besides the obvious Rich Gannon/Blue Hen connection:

Adam LaRoche would be proud.

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