Saturday, January 17, 2009

Disappointing sight at tonight's Caps game

I'm covering the Caps-Bruins game tonight for DC Sports Box, and sitting in the press box I see a woman who, by all apparent measures, is rooting for the Capitals tonight, yet she wore a Pittsburgh Steelers ROETHLISBERGER jersey to the game.

Maybe (likely) I'm oversensitive about this stuff, but why are you wearing Pittsburgh's black and gold to a game against the BRUINS. Ignoring the fact that you're wearing a football jersey to a hockey game, AND that the jersey represents neither city involved in the game ... you're supposed to be rocking the red, not pimping the opposition's colors just because one of your other teams has a game tomorrow. Ridiculous.

P.S. we hate Pittsburgh in the Verizon Center. Your Steelers jersey implies Penguin allegiances that just cannot be tolerated in our building.

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