Friday, January 16, 2009

Dreading a possible All-Pennsylvania Super Bowl

I've read a few blogs and columns talking about how awesome the looming "All-Pennsylvania Super Bowl" would be, but ignoring my obvious Ravens fan bias, who would it really be that great for?

Remember the Subway Series in 2000? Yeah. That crap sucked for everyone outside of the tri-state area. This would be no different.

The only people pumped for a Keystone State showdown in Super Bowl XLIII are the 6 million people who live in the Philly metro area, the 12 people who live in Pittsburgh, and the 15 million people who USED to live in Pittsburgh but now live in real cities across the country while still harping on and on about good ol' Western PA and making every sports bar in the country a wasteland of missing teeth, awful accents and black-and-gold-and-buffalo-wing-sauce-covered beer bellies on Sundays.

No thanks.

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