Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Quick Hits: Segui bulks up, Bowden schemes, hockey (finally) ends

AN UPDATE ON THE SEGUI STORY can be found at Roch's blog on the Baltimore Sun. Segui apparently had an insulin-like growth factor of 114, which Roch said is "fine if you're 120 years old." He also noted that Segui didn't get that prescription until he was 37. He was pretty jacked before he was 37... I can't say whether he was clean or not otherwise, but his HGH use appears to be on the level.

Your early-week quick hits...

The Orioles HGH name you've been dreading: David Segui.

I don't believe it. Noooooo way. David Segui was on performance enhancing drugs? Get right outta town! Let's do a side-by-side comparison, shall we?

1st time with O's:2nd time with O's:
Yeah... he got big.

He told ESPN it wasn't dirty, though, because he was found to have a hormone deficiency in some bloodwork and he was prescribed HGH by a doctor. Then when Jason Grimsley asked him about it he told Grim, "If you're going to do it, do it the right way."

I don't know about you, but I think it's kind of shady to tell someone who DOESN'T have a hormone deficiency to go get a prescription for it. Just how did you get that prescription, David?

Oh well. It doesn't exactly crush the baseball world that David Segui's reputation is forever tarnished.

Jim Bowden you dirty scheming bastard.

The Washington Times is saying that Nats GM Jim Bowden tied himself to the Lerner group long ago and that when they take over the team, he's much more likely to stick around than Frank Robinson.

Say what you want about Frank Robinson's sometimes maddening in-game management, but anyone who could get last year's Nats to .500 deserves a job. Please realize that any success the Nats have on the field is completely in spite of Jimbo drunk-driving them into the ground. (Cheap shot. Couldn't resist.)

On a funny side note, Cincinnati Reds TV broadcaster Chris Welsh said in an interview with Redleg Nation that the Reds used to make fun of Jimbo when he was their GM. " For the most part, the players saw the phoniness of Jim Bowden," he said.

Lerner Group priority list:
1) Hot dogs.
2) Fire Jimbo. FRANK.

Not good.

A team from North Carolina beats a team from Canada to take the Stanley Cup.

The Carolina Hurricanes hoisted Lord Stanley's Cup last night, so for the second straight season (not year), a team from the Southeast Division wins it all.

That's right, Caps fans. Here's what you have to look forward to if this trend continues:

2006-2007: Lockout year.
2007-2008: Atlanta Thrashers win Stanley Cup.
2008-2009: Lockout year.
2009-2010: Florida Panthers win Stanley Cup.
2010-2011: Lockout year.
2011-2012: Indianapolis Capitals win Stanley Cup.

So there you have it. Your wait is almost over ... kind of.

I have to admit that, as exciting as this season was, I only watched about half of the third period of game seven, and that's all I saw of the finals. Sorry. It was June 19. Hockey can have my attention until about June 1, then it's too late. It's a WINTER sport. There's no excuse for it to take nine months, and there's no excuse for the playoffs to be two-and-a-half of those. I'm not suggesting changing the format, but why do they have to take one or two days off between games? Those guys are big athletes. They can play back-to-back nights.

I guess the beards wouldn't grow as long, though.

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