Friday, June 16, 2006


So apparently the big news from the Nationals is that bullpen coach John Wetteland got the axe because he was all about the pranks and kickin' it like he was one of the boys instead of being a coach. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, "John Wetteland was the Nats' bullpen coach?"

The one memory I have of Wetteland was when he was with the Rangers, in a game against the Yankees he had to bat in the 10th inning because the Rangers had moved their DH to the field. He proceeded to hit a game-winning RBI double, which also made him the winning pitcher. It was cool.

Basil over at Federal Baseball wins the award for funniest response, but that's not really a "quote," per se. Chris Needham of Capitol Punishment had this to say:
"The bullpen coach doesn't make a damn bit of difference. They're all perfectly capable of answering phones and waving towels when the reliever's fully warm."
Right now, Elrod Hendricks is spinning in his grave.

So that leads us into the first ever Beltway Sports Beat BLOG QUOTES OF THE WEEK feature. (Or BQotW for short, hence the little logo on the left.) This is an idea I had a while ago and have been kicking around in my head, including a couple of failed attempts to start it up in the past few weeks. I just figured with all the people out there writing blogs about our area's teams and attempting to be funny on a daily basis (and sometimes succeeding), it would be cool to collect the funniest quotes from blog posts and comments at the end of each week for your enjoyment. Plus maybe it'll motivate some of you slackers to be funnier.

On the Jason Grimsley situation:

Roch Around the Clock (The Baltimore Sun)
Roch Kubatko: "I've had numerous people ask me about my past relationship with former Orioles reliever Jason Grimsley, and not because he's been receiving my mail and deliveries the past few years."
-- June 12

On Jose Guillen's return to the Nats lineup:

Federal Baseball (SportsBlogs Nation)
Basil: "Soriano's rousing success at the home ballpark made [Jose] Guillen seem quite the fool, and Guillen went ahead and got hurt. And keep in that mind that, for Guillen, admitting he is hurt is a colossal admission, insofar as he apparently equates 'games appeared' with 'size of wang.'"
-- June 11

On Adam Loewen facing stiff opposition:

Roch Around the Clock (The Baltimore Sun)
Roch Kubatko: "Adam Loewen has faced Randy Johnson once and Roy Halladay twice in three major league starts. If given another chance, he's lined up to oppose Tom Glavine on Sunday. Just when I thought he might catch a break after that, I hear he's scheduled to pitch against Whitey Ford later next week."
-- June 14

Camden Chat (SportsBlogs Nation)
2632: "Looking ahead... After his outing against Glavine, Loewen's next matchup will be against the ghost of Cy Young himself."
dayzd toe: "Actually, I believe that's in two appearances after Glavine... First he must get through Sandy Koufax. It's like 'Mike Tyson's Punchout' for NES... He has one more level to go to get to Cy."
-- June 13

On a Nationals draftee's namesake:

Capitol Punishment (independent)
Chris Needham: "Nationals draftee, Stephen King, took a Stand, watching the Misery of last night's game, and receiving batting tips from Frank Robinson. The Nats better be Pennywise and sign the guy, but Everything's Eventual, I guess. He, too, seems like he has 'It.'"
-- June 15

That's it. That's all I got. So here's where you come in... I obviously don't have time to pore through every blog post about every local team (well, maybe I do have time, but I would rather do other things), so there's going to be stuff I miss. If you've seen something on a local sports blog in the past week that was hilarious, post a quote and a link.

Also, I implore you -- I BEG you even -- to keep your eyes open. When you read something funny from a blog, shoot me an e-mail or post a comment about it on the most recent "BQotW" thread. Feel free to self-nominate, too. I won't judge you for it, you shameless, chest-beating attention whore.

If all goes well, the list of quotes will get longer every week and you'll have a good chuckle or two waiting for you every Friday.

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