Thursday, June 29, 2006

For You Orioles Stat Geeks

With the Orioles having some marginal success (15-14 from May 28 to June 28), I decided to look at some numbers. With everyone focusing on the improved pitching, I noticed that a lot of the hitters have stepped it up in June as well.

As I jinx everyone on the Orioles...
Jeff Conine .254.333.424 59.305.379.492
Brandon Fahey .264.315.347 46.261.333.413
Jay Gibbons .274.312.495 7.429.429.429
Razor Ramon .287.351.524 93.290.356.613
Javy Lopez .276.323.429 90.289.319.467
Nick Markakis .250.326.337 59.322.385.390
Luis Matos .205.282.339 47.255.352.383
Kevin Millar .242.349.376 71.254.357.408
Melvin Mora .290.355.427 93.247.311.301
Scorey Patterson .282.324.429 100.270.305.330
Brian Roberts .314.383.415 109.303.374.394
Ed Rogers .211.200.211
Miguel Tejada .314.367.517 99.293.343.404

An interesting thing that this table displays is that the guys who are having better-than-their-season OPS months (with more than 10 ABs... sorry Gibby... and Kris Benson) are Conine, Fahey, Hernandez, Javy, Markakis, Matos and Millar. Surprisingly absent from that list are Mora, Tejada and Roberts.

So ranking OPS for June, you get:

1) Ramon Hernandez .969 (and that was including an 0-for-23 skid)
2) Jeff Conine .870
3) Miguel Tejada .802 (even on a "down" month, Tejada's one of our best players)
4) Javy Lopez .786
5) Nick Markakis .774
6) Brian Roberts .768
7) Kevin Millar .766
8) Brandon Fahey .746
9) Luis Matos .735
10) Corey Patterson .635
11) Melvin Mora .612 (Melvin what are you doing down here?)

Granted, from June 1 to June 28 the team is two games under .500, and that's when these stats were accrued, but with Tejada and Roberts not on their normal pace and Mora scuffling, it's good that the O's have some other guys stepping it up, because every team is going to have stretches when their top guys aren't red hot and typically over the last 8 or 9 years the Orioles have been the kind of team to let those stretches crush them.

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