Friday, July 28, 2006

Blog Quotes of the Week: July 21-28

It's almost the weekend, and since it's once in a blue moon that means it's time for Blog Quotes of the Week! (I had some time so I figured what the heck... Let's make with the funny.)

But first some stuff.

If you didn't pick it up based on my link at the end of my last post, I've become a bit of a soccer fan since the World Cup. That's right. I get Fox Soccer Channel and GOLTV and I think that makes me pretty special.

So this Saturday D.C. United puts their 14-game unbeaten streak on the line against Real Salt Lake, who is in last place in the West. D.C. United pretty much runs the joint, leading the East by 20 points. The game is at 9 p.m. Eastern on Comcast SportsNet. If you enjoyed the World Cup for more than just the violence, you should take some time to check out one of the most dominant franchises in all of sports.

Monday is the MLB trade deadline, and that could mean goodbye to a pair of the area's superstars, Miguel Tejada and Alfonso Soriano. I think for the good of the Nats Soriano HAS to go, and he has to fetch a score of hot prospects. As for Miggy, I just don't think they can get enough value to make it worth trading him when he's still locked up for another three years at what is now looking like a bargain contract. That being said, the O's do have to make some changes... We'll know on Monday.

And Roch makes this segue easy...

Roch Kubatko on the state of the Orioles:
"The more people I talk to who are close to the Orioles, the more I'm convinced that Miguel Tejada stays. And that no trades are imminent. And that it's a really, really bad idea to give up 10 runs in one inning."
-- Roch Around the Clock, July 26

Federal Baseball's Basil on Nats trades:
"When Brad Wilkerson was traded, I was sad intellectually, which might just prove I'm stupid; when Alfonso Soriano is traded, I'll be sad emotionally, which might just prove I'm human."
-- Federal Baseball, July 27

Roch (again) on the Orioles ineptitude with runners in scoring position:
"The team bus departed the stadium without Miguel Tejada. Rather than take his usual seat, he was left on base."
-- Roch Around the Clock, July 26

Capital Punishment's Chris Needham, not impressed with Nats GM Jim Bowden's one good trade:
"The man's a ham. He sees a TV camera or a reporter with a recorder and his chubby little cheeks engorge with blood like a teenager first discovering late-night Cinemax."
-- Capital Punishment, July 26

And since, as any Camden Chat reader knows, a list of funny quotes can NOT be complete without a LarryBigbie3 quip:
"The old Baltimore logo(s) kicked trucks of ass."
-- Camden Chat, July 28

So that's it. Enjoy your weekend.

And please, PLEASE if you see anything hilarious on a blog or message board about local sports, e-mail me with the quote and a link at As always, feel free to self-nominate, you attention-craving narcissists!

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