Thursday, November 16, 2006

Capitals + Shootouts = Bad Combination

The Caps earned a point in tonight's (I guess last night's, technically) shootout loss to the Boston Bruins. It's nice to get the point, but it was the fourth time that the Caps have gone to the shootout and the fourth time they've failed to come away with the extra point.

Not only that, but they haven't scored in the shootout yet this season. According to Joe Beninati on tonight's telecast, that's 11 shots without a goal.

These are breakaways, people!

This is one of those things that has to swing the other way over the course of the season, but at this point when the Caps are counting points in five-game segments it's hard not to get frustrated when these chances go wasted.

Anyways, that's all the complaining I can do about the Caps at this point in the season. They have 21 points through 18 games and they're in 7th place in the Eastern Conference standings.

The Caps play next on Friday at home against the Carolina Panthers.

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