Monday, November 27, 2006

Busted Tees Blatantly Plagiarizes My T-Shirt

Since the start of this football season, I've had this beautiful shirt available in the Beltway Sports Beat store:

Well I went on Busted Tees today only to find that they are selling a ripoff version of my shirt ... except ... you know ... with an infinitely higher budget, professional graphic designers and a gigantic following on a hugely popular Web site. Oh, and don't forget the scruffy male T-shirt models. I don't have those either.


Anyone want to give me some pro bono legal advice about what my options are here (if any)?

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homertuck said...

Hard to take action unless you have a copyright and I believe you'd have to prove they cause you injury in fact, meaning showing that they stole your idea / design (like when the Ravens stole that guy's design with the flying B shield logo...but he had proof that the ravens saw his design. If you can show they visted the always popular beltway sports beat website, you might have a case. Otherwise, try selling your idea to another tee company, maybe district Tees in d.c.