Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Time To Put This Steroid Saga To Bed

OK maybe not the whole steroid saga, but at least the part that involves Jason Grimsley's identification of Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons and Miguel Tejada as anabolic steroid users.

And here's why. (The Baltimore Sun)

Grimsley's lawyer sez:

"As to all five players named, Jason did not attribute steroid use to any of them."

And the clincher:

"There was no mention of Roberts or Gibbons at all ... The agents didn't even mention Roberts or Gibbons."

You can take that to mean Tejada was mentioned by someone at some point, I guess, but I'll assume that's the lingering effect of Rafael Palmeiro's now-infamous vitamin B-12 defense.

The L.A. Times isn't looking so hot right about now.

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