Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Call Me When Something Good Happens

With the exception of Gilbert Arenas' buzzer-beating three-pointer to beat the Jazz on Monday and snap a short, two-game skid, it's been a rough week-long stretch for local sports fanatics.

The Wiz lost to a terrible New Orleans team and then to a much much less terrible Spurs team.

The Caps celebrated their three-game winning streak by going on a three-game losing streak.

The Maryland women's basketball team lost for the first time this season -- to Duke.

Maryland's men's basketball team lost at home to Miami, one of the ACC's worst teams. Then the Terps beat Clemson, the last undefeated team in the nation and a team that always beats Maryland even in their crappiest years. Then the Terps lost to Virginia, a team that had lost six in a row prior.

And the worst of all, of course, was the Ravens losing to the Colts ... in Baltimore ... in the playoffs ... when the defense managed to hold the Colts to nothing but field goals.

Today I plugged all the Orioles games into my calendar -- gearing up for further disappointment, I guess.

Consider this my doom and gloom post for the winter sports season. I'm sure my usual optimism will return soon, but it would help if the Caps could win the next couple games and the Terps could beat Virginia Tech in Blacksburg on Sunday.

Oh, and a snow day on Monday would do wonders, too.

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