Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Recap, ADD Style

1. Is there a more exciting team in the area to watch than the Wizards? They're in first in their division by 2.5 games and tied with Cleveland for the Eastern Conference lead after weekend wins over Orlando and Boston.

2. Going into the All-Star break it's looking more and more like the Caps are still a year away from being serious playoff contenders. They looked terrible on Saturday in a 4-1 loss to Florida, getting outshot 42-18.

3. I'm starting to wonder if the T in NIT stands for Terrapins. They fell to 1-4 in the ACC by losing to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, and if they don't finish out their ACC schedule by going 7-4 or better it'll be a third straight trip to the lesser postseason tournament.

4. As much as I learned to hate the Colts last week, it couldn't compete with my complete disdain for Boston area sports fans and I was openly cheering for Indy last night. You just know that New Englanders were already booking catering for their Super Bowl parties with two minutes to go in the first half. Plus anything that crushes Bill Simmons' emotions for a little while can't be a bad thing. Dan Steinberg of's D.C. Sports Bog wonders "whether Bill Simmons will write 7,000 columns on the Tom Brady face." And how stupid did Bill Belichick look in the post-game interview?

5. No local sports tonight. Not even Orioles Classics on MASN.

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