Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Kind of Strange Story That You Can Only Get From a Blog

But not this blog. I don't have "ins."

If you're a Washington Nationals fan, Dan Steinberg of's D.C. Sports Bog (bookmark that page ... it's good) posted some entertaining offseason reading for you.

Apparently during the "Nationals Caravan" -- which as far as I can tell is a bunch of Nats players, manager Manny Acta, and a group of oversized former presidents drumming up support for the upcoming season of Nationals baseball by travelling to suburban shopping centers -- a woman visiting the Bowie Town Center Safeway autograph signing brought a Nationals jacket that was far too large for her. So Acta tried it on, it fit, and hilarity ensued.

Well, maybe not hilarity, but at least "cuteness."

And here I was hoping to get through this post without indirectly calling a baseball manager "cute."

Read the whole story: Manny Acta Gets a New Jacket.

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