Monday, July 25, 2005

MLB: Tampa Bay Devil Rays 3, Orioles 2 (July 23)

WP: Scott Kazmir (5-7)
LP: Sidney Ponson (7-9)

BAL: 50-46 (3rd in AL East, 3.5 behind Boston, 1 behind New York, 1.5 ahead of Toronto)

On the day that the Orioles agreed to send Sidney Ponson to the Padres (with thousands of Orioles fans offering to help him pack), the right-hander still had to pitch.

While Phil Nevin waited to decide whether to waive his limited no-trade clause (which says he can't be forced to go to Baltimore or any of seven other teams), the Orioles started their much-maligned Aruban pitcher for perhaps the last time. Surprisingly, it wasn't a disaster.

Ponson threw seven innings, scattering nine hits for three runs.

The O's offense, once again, failed to help support a decent pitching performance, only managing two runs on five hits, including a Miguel Tejada solo homer in the ninth inning. It was Tejada's 21st on the year.

Kazmir shut down the Orioles, only giving up one run on four hits in seven innings pitched.

It was the Orioles fourth straight loss and sixth in seven games.

For Sunday's game, top Orioles starter Erik Bedard (5-1, throws left) would go against Casey Fossum (4-8, throws left).

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