Saturday, July 16, 2005

Opinion: Skip Bayless says Palmeiro "isn't Hall-worthy"

For some assinine and poorly explained reason, Skip Bayless used his Page 2 space to claim that Rafael Palmeiro, despite his milestone accomplishments and elite company, wouldn't be in his Hall of Fame.

Bayless has made a name for himself by being a loudmouth contradictory who brings no legitimate reasoning to his arguments, opting instead for the I'm-yelling-it-so-it-must-be-right approach. This time, he took aim at Palmeiro, saying that Raffy isn't a "game-changing player" and was never "one of the dominant players of his era." Because of this, Skip argues that Palmeiro shouldn't be in the Hall. "It's not the Hall of Very Good," he says. Well, moron, it's not the "Hall of Great" or the "Hall of Dominant" either. It's the Hall of Fame.

Fame, according to one of my favorite sites,, means "great renown." Palmeiro, over the course of his career, has definitely been of "great renown."

If Bayless wants to make an argument that the Hall should be more exclusive, I would be more receptive. But he picked the wrong subject on which to make that point. Palmeiro is, clearly and unequivocally, a Hall of Famer.

Everything that needed to be said on this issue was said extremely well by SC at Camden Chat. Go check out his post.

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tjark said...

baaaah!! did you read the chat under SC on the message board you linked to? "Very nicely done. Bayless is a turd." beautiful.